Информация о вакансии: Senior GR Director (Andre Group)

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Должность: Senior GR Director (Andre Group)
Образование: высшее
Опыт работы: свыше 10 лет
График работы: полный день

Город: Москва


Fluency in English
Strong supporter of the national government modernization agenda and
representing the new political generation dedicated to transparency and
An advance degree such as a Juris Doctor or Masters of Business
Administration is desirable
Able to build relationships across the political spectrum
Excellent advisory and communication skills
Good negotiating skills and analytical thinking
Legal or administrative training or background
Familiarity with international diplomatic procedures/etiquette
Strong people skills and a reputation for being a team player
A keen sense of protocol and common practice in all aspects of engagement
with government (communication, meetings etc)
A clear reputation for ethical conduct
Ability to work in an action oriented, decision-making environment and be
Reputation for being energetic, bright, hard working, enthusiastic; willing
to offer opinions and judgments
Acute political sensitivity
Capability to be proactive, able to develop new and creative ideas
An exemplary performance record

The successful candidate will have 10 years of experience as a government
relations executive, a government legislator, or as a senior public servant
in a relevant government department, agency or business. Specific
information technology experience as well as international affairs
experience would be an asset.
Experience and relationship building skills with both sides of the political
administration in CIS
A good working knowledge of information technology issues and the ability to
quickly grasp the other technical issues facing Company.
A thorough understanding of government policy-making processes, at national
and regional levels.
Experience in managing professionals, staff members and consultants
effectively, as well as appropriately advising/influencing senior-level
corporate executives.
Understanding of international issues and how a company can strategically
face the challenges of the global market
Knowledge of and/or experience in operating in a public company environment,
with the ability to effectively manage public scrutiny, crisis
communications and media attention.


Build Company's Government Relations office and program. Manage the Company
GR team and work closely with the GR team strategic advisor.
Develop strong relationships and shared vision with the company's senior
business leaders, establishing a common global and Russian Government
Relations mission, thereby creating and delivering competitive strengths to
the organization.
Advise senior officers on all matters relating to government legislation and
public policy issues of interest and concern to Company.
Work closely with multinational counterparts to develop Russian strategies
that ensure that Company is properly positioned to enjoy a leadership
position in its respective area/industry.
Be a proactive strategic agent on behalf of Company's interests and help set
the agenda, form the agenda and shape future agendas.
Build and manage working relationships with external lobbyists and GR
Develop and operationalize a GR Business Development strategy and business
plan for CIS, integrated into the Company business strategy and regional
business pipeline.
Develop roles for the individual team members and a team engagement plan.

Условия - дополнительная информация:

Attractive salary and social package.
Good working environment.

Описание фирмы и отрасли:

Company seeks to design a government affairs function which is more focused
on, and supportive of, the public sector business objectives of their
business units. This program will include greater emphasis on maintaining a
prominent federal affairs and business development function in CIS. These
efforts will support Company's overall marketing objectives, support
Company's customers, and improve Company's position in CIS.

Контактная информация

Имя: Дмитрий
Фамилия: Корябин
Телефон: +7 495 988 64 05
E-mail: dkoriabin@andre-group.ru

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